18 Golden Opportunities

Any Service Augmented Golf Course Offers Revenue Opportunities Abound

We make service requests easy for your players – not complicated

No phones required to request services

Simple. Instant. Gratification.



Push Button Get Service

We designed the button around a simple concept. It is connected to the internet, and will send on-demand Text Message (SMS) based Alerts to service staff and/or operations managers. No phones required to send, no special apps required to receive a request-for-service where and when its needed – on the golf course, right now.

Stop Missing High Margin Transactions

Food & Beverages Drive Profits. Don’t give players a reason to skip that order because they only have two holes remaining or just don’t feel like digging out a phone. No apps, no phones required to make a simple request.

8 Hours per Day. 4 Players per Hole. Average Pace at 15 Minutes per Round. If that means 128 Players per day, then the math is simple, we have 18 Golden Opportunities to offer better service, faster response time, and measurable revenue boost. 15% is both a reasonable target, and economically worthwhile.

Curious? Check our Math on the Economics
Golf Course Owner/Manager Looking for an Edge?

Maintaining an app is expensive, when it only serves as a means to an end. Not to mention when playing on the Links, a phone is really just an extra step. No apps, no Phones, nothing to download, nobody for the players to dial-up just to wait on hold or get transferred over to the Bar. Simply push the button, service shows up. We provide the management portal to make adjustments, update alerts, routing and schedule rotation. Operators can get the same Alert message the Beverage Cart gets at the same time – finally know how busy your service is, and which customers are ordering, in-the-now.

If your current Course Management system allows, players could submit a full order before the Cart Attendant arrives – Ask about our Advanced Ordering Add-On for Systems like Golf Genius, EZLinks and others.

Optimal Zone Coverage

Respond in seconds. Stop missing easy sales, and streamline efficiency where service cart attendants no longer just drive the same loop all day. Fortunately, Golf is slow and predictable, making targeted food & beverage services during game play that much easier. We squeeze revenue from the course play without the overhead cost and technology debt of GPS. Smarter, simpler.

Better Service, Better Efficiency

I own a course outside Los Angeles, and we’ve always had three attendants on staff. Now we only need one, we know exactly how busy they are, and which customers are getting service throughout the day. These buttons have been fantastic for our bottom line, really had no idea this was possible, and the players definitely appreciate the instant response time!

Tom B. Irvine, CA





If these buttons don’t increase your efficiency and boost your profits, then send ’em back! Full Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Do We Have Your Attention Yet?

What could just 15% more squeezed from the on-course services mean for the overall bottom line?

We show you a winning formula, that will have both bar and kitchen doing so well the only problem will be finding the service staff to support the new higher volumes.

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Summer 2020 will bring a heat-wave. With our latest feature, SMS/Opt-In Ordering, delivery cart drivers just wait in the A/C.

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“8 Hours per Day. 4 Players per Hole. Average Pace at 15 Minutes per Round. If that means 128 Players per day, then the math is simple, we have 18 Golden Opportunities… for a meaningful +15%”