Course Fees Keep the Lights On
Food & Beverages Grow the Business

Players will often skip an order because they’re almost done, or just don’t feel like digging out a phone. Ten dollars here, Twenty twenty there. Over a month, that adds up. Because well, this is Golf and when we’re stepping up to the tee box – often a phone isn’t in that picture.


Simple Math

8 Hrs Daylight
4 Players ~ Hole
Average Pace ~ 15 Min/Hole
So, 4 x 4 nets 16 Players per hour, over the typical daytime/play (8) hours.


Indeed, every 18-holes should average 128 Players per day, give or take


Do you know your average spend per/player per/day?

Do you know what just 15% on that metric could mean for your business?

We Do. We’d love to talk about it.

18 Golden Opportunities to offer better service, faster response time, and measurable revenue boost. 15% is both a reasonable target, and at least an economically worthwhile discussion.





Keep it Simple

Let’s face it, maintaining an app is expensive, when it only serves as a means to an end. Not to mention, on the Links, a phone is really just an extra step. No apps, no Phones, nothing to download, nobody for the players to dial-up just to wait on hold or get transferred to the Restaurant. Simply push the button, service shows up. We provide the management portal to make adjustments, update alerts, routing and schedule rotation. Operators can get the same Alert message the Beverage Cart gets at the same time – finally know how busy your service is, and which customers are ordering, in-the-now.

If your current Course Management system allows, players could submit a full order before the Cart Attendant arrives – Ask about our Advanced Ordering Add-On for Systems like Golf Genius and others.



Easier Food to Players

Most courses struggle to get food to players while on the course. It’s not that they don’t want it, its just that putting a food order in – or the process & delay involved with getting the end result – is too complicated. With the Links Button, ordering and then facilitating a completely streamlined delivery process, has never been easier. Our advanced app-less ordering could turn your cart attendants into purely a strategic delivery function.

Optimal Zone Coverage

Respond in seconds. Stop missing easy sales, and streamline efficiency where service cart attendants no longer just drive the same loop all day. Fortunately, Golf is slow and predictable, making targeted food & beverage services during game play that much easier. We squeeze revenue from the course play without the overhead cost and technology debt of GPS. Smarter, simpler.

Simple Easy Refills

Still making your driving range customers walk all the way back to window for a refill? We have a button for that. Players don’t need a phone or personal device to aid in the ‘more balls please’ service request. They’ve had a long day, don’t make them walk. Sell more by bringing refills to customers, on-demand.

Trial & Guarantee

We are so confident this will improve your metrics EVEN if you already provide a course/ordering application for your business. Both can exist as separate methods to ‘request’ service – you decide which is better for your business long term.

30 Days Free Trial – No Payments
100% Money-Back Guarantee ( 60 Days )